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Esta es la segunda referencia de 7iete Pulgadas Records 7P-02. en edición limitada a 300 copias en vinilo de color.

This is 7P-02, second 7iete pulgadas records reference. Limited edition of 300 copies. Coloured vinyl.

Artwork by María Barrero


released April 9, 2013


Mª Mar: Voz, coros, bajo, melódica, percusiones
David: Guitarras, voces.
Óscar: Batería.

Otras percusiones en esta grabación: Ramiro Nieto y Martí Perarnau

Producido y arreglado por Ramiro Nieto y Martí Perarnau.

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en Lower Side, Madrid (enero 2013)




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Zipper Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Laziness
I spend
my time
watching the television.
Aah, aah.

When I
get home
I lay down on the couch.
Aah, aah.

I know,
I should be more
creative, find a thing
I could really be interested in.
I know,
You tell me so,
I should go out,
have some fun,
forget my laziness at all
Aah, at all, aah.

I know
the times,
I don’t forget my schedule

I never miss
any of my favourite programs
Aah, aah.


Aah, aah (x 4)

It all started with Lost,
then Bones, the Gilmore Girls.
A bit of House and Scrubs
and Grey’s Anatomy.
Desperate Housewives, then Fringe,
The Big Bang Theory.
Track Name: Mirror
First thing in the morning,
before I even
have time to have a shower,
I take off my clothes,
I jump on the scales,
I want to know my weight.
Oh, last dinner was a bit too much…
I shouldn’t have had that nice dessert!

Oooh, oooh.

I open my wardrobe
looking for that dress
I used to wear on my teens.
I don’t fit at all.
Obviously age is not
helping on my side,
(though) I’ve grown smarter
than I was some years before
I’ve grown up I should accept it!

Oooh, oooh.

I hate that
mirror in my room
I hate those
magazines, the top barbies,
I want to smash that glass!!
Track Name: Does he care enough?
Does he care enough?
Does he care enough?
Does he care enough
if I decide that I leave him?
(x 2)

There is in my heart
a wound that is so hard to find a
healing. I’ve tried to forget,
I’ve tried my best.
Sometimes I don’t find the strength to make
the right choice. I need some help. Sometimes I’m blind, I don’t see the light
with him.
Does he care enough?

Does he care enough?
Does he care enough?
Does he care enough
if I decide that I leave him?

There are in my mind
some thoughts I don’t dare to listen to,
that I try to hide inside,
out of my sight.
And when I see his smile, I fight.
I struggle against myself.
I can’t avoid it, I fall again
for him.
Does he care enough?

When I sleep he’s in my dreams.
Sometimes nightmares, sometimes lust.
If I decide to leave him…
If I decide to leave him…
Does he care enough?